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Chana Chang
15 min readJun 18, 2024


Branch desks — they’re the latest trend in office furniture, and we’ve got all the best models for you! From sleek and modern to traditional and classic, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to help you find your perfect branch desk. Whether you’re looking for a desktop organizational solution or simply a stylish addition to your workspace, this guide has got you covered.

The Top 10 Best branch desks

  1. Modern Ash Branch Leaning Desk with Adjustable Shelves — Elevate your workspace with the sleek and stylish Branch Desk Unit Add-On from Gus Modern, offering both increased storage and modern flair.
  2. Branch Furniture Adjustable Desk for Working Efficiency — Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with the Branch Furniture Height Adjustable Desk, perfect for professionals up to 6'8" — easily assembled, well-crafted, attractive, and offering convenient storage options.
  3. Daily Desk by Branch Furniture: Sage Melamine Laminated Engineered Wood, Powder-Coated Steel Frame — Experience the sleek sophistication of the Daily Desk, featuring a melamine laminated engineered wood top and powder-coated steel legs, designed to meet both commercial and residential demands, and proudly made to meet BIFMA standards in China.
  4. Branch Bleached Waterfall Desk from the Phillips Collection — Mesmerizing modern chamcha wood waterfall desk, beautifully bleached for an alluring mix of style and durability.
  5. Branch Daily Desk — Compact, Elegant Workspace Solution — A sleek and versatile daily desk from Branch Furniture, perfect for any workspace with modular design, contract-grade quality, and convenient cable management.
  6. Branch Woodgrain Six-Person Workstation Desk — Collaborate and conquer with the stylish Branch Woodgrain 144-inch workstation, perfect for teams of six or more.
  7. Stylish Branch Office Desk | Modern Workstation for Professional Use — The Branch Office Desk, available in fog and charcoal finishes, offers a 60-inch width and 30-inch depth, providing a stylish and flexible workspace solution for any office environment.
  8. Branch Furniture Modern Office Desk — Experience a stylish and versatile workplace with the premium Branch Furniture Office Desk, offering ease of setup and storage while remaining comfortable and attractive, perfect for modern offices!
  9. Compact Duo Standing Desk with Walnut Finish — Elevate your home office with the Duo Standing Desk from Branch, offering a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality with its sleek, walnut design and effortless 48" x 24" space.
  10. Bamboo Retreat Writing Desk with X-Design and Drop-Front Keyboard Drawer — Indulge in an exotic escape with the Hooker Furniture Retreat Black Sand Pole Rattan Writing Desk, boasting three spacious drawers for organized storage, along with an eye-catching bamboo veneer finish.

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Modern Ash Branch Leaning Desk with Adjustable Shelves

In my search for a versatile and aesthetically pleasing desk, the Branch Ash Black/Blonde Leaning Desk from Gus* Modern tickled my creative senses ever since I came across it. The first thing that stood out to me was the sturdiness of the desks’ black powder-coated steel brackets, which added an industrial charm to the modern design. The black uprights and ash blonde shelves harmoniously blend in a sleek minimalist design.

One feature that particularly caught my eye was the adjustable height of the shelves due to the solid wood bullnose edge detail. Being able to decide the height I want for my workspace was exceptionally practical, and with a max. weight capacity of 50lbs. per shelf/desk and 250lbs. per bay, felt like the desk was built to handle my needs. However, when it came to the depth of the shelves or the desk, it felt slightly narrower compared to my expectations from the pictures.

Overall, my experience with the Branch Ash Black/Blonde Leaning Desk has been a delightful mix of practicality and beauty. It’s a work-hub that can be customized to fit my preferences in terms of its storage capacity, depth, and height, making it a valuable addition to my workspace, despite the slight adjustment needed in measuring the depth before purchase.

Branch Furniture Adjustable Desk for Working Efficiency

As someone who works from home and frequently switches between sitting and standing positions, I was thrilled to discover the Branch Furniture Height Adjustable Desk. The first thing that stood out to me was how simple the assembly process was — it took less than an hour for me to have everything put together, which was a major plus.

One of the highlights of this desk is its ability to accommodate professionals of varying heights, with an adjustable design that can suit individuals up to 6'8". The desk felt sturdy and well-built, with a sleek and attractive design that added a touch of professionalism to my workspace.

While the desk itself is great, I did encounter a few issues with the in-desk power. The tray that holds the outlets feels a bit cramped, making it difficult to stow away power cords neatly. Additionally, the surface of the desk felt slightly cheap, with visible grey shading peeking through the paint.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Branch Furniture Height Adjustable Desk. It’s user-friendly, sturdy, and provides a comfortable workspace that allows for easy switching between sitting and standing positions. Despite the minor issues I encountered, I would definitely recommend this desk to fellow remote workers who are looking for a functional and attractive addition to their home office.

Daily Desk by Branch Furniture: Sage Melamine Laminated Engineered Wood, Powder-Coated Steel Frame

The Daily Desk from Sage in collaboration with West Elm stood out to me as a versatile and elegant piece of furniture for both residential and commercial use. Its melamine laminated engineered wood top and powder-coated steel legs create a sleek and sturdy design.

It’s no surprise that this contract-grade item meets BIFMA standard for commercial-grade use and is even manufactured in China. One downside I encountered was its lack of storage options, but overall, this desk proved to be a reliable and stylish addition to my workspace.

Branch Bleached Waterfall Desk from the Phillips Collection

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the beautiful Branch Waterfall Desk from Phillips Collection in my home office. The bleached finish of chamcha wood gives it a sophisticated yet natural look that immediately stands out in the room. The desk measures 60x29 inches, which is large enough to handle multiple monitors and still have some space for notes and stationery.

One of the highlights for me was the durability of the desk, as it shows no signs of wear and tear even after several coffee cup incidents (oops! ). The desk’s sleek design also means that it takes up less visual space compared to other bulky desks, making it a great fit for small rooms.

However, I did notice that the desk might not be suitable for outdoor use due to its bleached finish and wood material, which could be prone to weather damage. Additionally, it may require occasional polishing to maintain its pristine look, but overall, this waterfall desk has been a fantastic addition to my office setup.

Branch Daily Desk — Compact, Elegant Workspace Solution

The Branch Daily Desk is a stylish and functional addition to any workspace. It’s a compact desktop that’s perfectly sized, making it easy to fit into even the smallest of spaces. Its modular frame and sleek design make it a great choice for both home and office use, and its contract-grade certification means it’s built to withstand heavy use. The desk comes in a variety of attractive colors and finishes to match any decor, and the notch cut in the rear surface is a handy feature for hiding cables.

Setting up the desk is a breeze thanks to the included Allen wrench, and most users were able to have it assembled in under thirty minutes. Some found the weight to be a bit of a hurdle, but overall, reviewers were pleased with the ease of assembly. The desk is also easy to move when needed, thanks to its casters.

Users praised the desk’s sturdiness and durability, noting that it’s well-built and has a sleek, modern look that’s perfect for their home office setup. However, some did find the lack of an adjustable height too limiting, making it a bit of a drawback for taller users. Despite this, the majority of reviewers were thrilled with their purchase, and many plan to buy again in the future.

Branch Woodgrain Six-Person Workstation Desk

The Branch Woodgrain/Mirror Six Person Workstation desk stands out as a stellar choice for teams looking to collaborate seamlessly. Its spacious dimensions of 48 inches wide and 30 inches height ensure comfort for all users. With a sturdy build and a sleek woodgrain finish, it adds an elegant touch to any office setting.

I recently had the chance to test it out, and I must say, the desk exceeded my expectations. The desk’s width provided ample space for all team members’ equipment and paperwork, and its height was just right for those of us who tend to slouch while working.

Notably, this desk is designed with shared workspaces in mind. Even with six people working at once, the desk’s layout and legroom made it feel like there was enough space for everyone. The mirror finish also added a touch of elegance, reflecting the room’s ambiance and making the workspace feel more spacious.

In conclusion, the Branch Woodgrain/Mirror Six Person Workstation desk is an excellent investment for any team looking for functional, stylish, and comfortable furniture. Just remember, assembly is a must, so allocate some time for that before diving into work.

Stylish Branch Office Desk | Modern Workstation for Professional Use

I recently gave the Branch Fog Office Desk a try and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for my work routine. The sleek design and versatility offered by this desk make it perfect for my home office.

One of the standout features was the ample workspace it provided. At 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep, there’s enough room for my laptop, a notepad, and even a plant or two. It fits effortlessly into my cozy corner, without taking up too much space.

The assembly process was surprisingly straightforward. I received clear instructions in the box, and the tools required were all included. It took me an hour or so to put it together, but I was able to complete it without any issues.

However, one thing to note is that the desk does require assembly, so be prepared to spend a bit of time on that part. Also, the desk is quite heavy once assembled, so make sure you’ve got a solid spot to place it.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with the Branch Fog Office Desk. Its modern design and practical features make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a comfortable and functional workspace.

Branch Furniture Modern Office Desk

As someone who spends most of their day sitting behind a desk, I’ve had the opportunity to use several models over the past few years. The Branch Furniture Office Desk stands out as one of the best desks I’ve used. Its sleek, mid-century modern style complements any room, and its 48-inch by 24-inch size provided ample workspace.

Assembly turned out to be a breeze — an easy task even for someone who isn’t familiar with wrenching in tight spaces. The included instructions were crystal clear and the parts were well labeled, making the process faster than expected. One of my favorite features is the in-desk power strip, which kept my devices easily accessible but away from the clutter on my desk.

The desk is also compatible with various mounting options, including cable management. The sturdy feel of the desk is reassuring — heavy enough to keep it steady and strong enough to support my computer and other office essentials without wobbling. Plus, it’s got a convenient storage drawer underneath the desktop, a space saver for office supplies and paperwork.

Despite its many positives, the desk isn’t without its drawbacks. One issue I faced was with the pre-drilled holes for assembling the legs to the desk. Some of them were off, making it difficult to secure the desk entirely. However, the company’s customer service team responded promptly and shipped a replacement part, solving the problem.

Another small caveat — while the desk is great for most uses, it has a small cosmetic issue. The desktop surface has some minor scuff marks, which are barely noticeable. For anyone who pays close attention, it’s not ideal, but honestly, it’s something I can live with.

Upon reviewing other product reviews, I noticed that while the desk is generally well-regarded for its style, build quality, and functionality, there have been a few isolated complaints about quality control issues. However, these don’t seem to be an overwhelming concern, and they were quickly resolved by Branch Furniture’s capable customer service.

In conclusion, despite minor drawbacks, the Branch Furniture Office Desk has been a reliable, comfortable, and attractive addition to my home office. The company’s unwavering customer support adds an added layer of satisfaction, and it has my stamp of approval.

Compact Duo Standing Desk with Walnut Finish

Upgrade your home office with the sleek and practical Duo standing desk from Branch. This compact offering, available in various dimensions, promises smooth and seamless movement for an enjoyable and organized work experience. With its sturdy construction and quiet motor, it checks all the boxes for a comfortable and stylish office solution.

However, be prepared for a slightly smudged surface, although this minor issue is outweighed by the overall quality and functionality of the desk.

Bamboo Retreat Writing Desk with X-Design and Drop-Front Keyboard Drawer


Imagine sitting at your new Retreat Writing Desk, crafted with a sophisticated blend of Oak and Maple Veneer, designed to feel like an island oasis right in your home office. The mesmerizing Bamboo motif, intricately accented by rope, adds a touch of exotic ambiance to your work environment.

As you begin to unpack the desk, you’ll find three drawers, each with two removable dividers to help you stay organized. One pencil tray and a writing slide conveniently pop out from either side, allowing you to choose the perfect setup for your needs. At the center, a drop-front drawer designed for keyboard use enhances functionality.

The Black Sand finish is truly unique, making the intricate patterns of your desk’s wood veneer stand out. However, the desk maintains a stylish and refined appearance, thanks to the transparency of the finish and the X-design stretchers that run across the back and sides.

As much as I love the appearance and storage capacity of this desk, I do find the weight to be somewhat of a drawback. At 110 pounds, it may require extra muscle or assistance to move it around. Despite this minor inconvenience, the Retreat Writing Desk adds an element of sophistication and tranquility to any home office.

Buyer’s Guide

A branch desk, also known as a satellite office, remote office, or auxiliary office, is a smaller version of a traditional office space designed to accommodate employees working away from the main headquarters. This type of desk setup offers several benefits, such as increased flexibility, reduced overhead expenses, and easier collaboration between team members. If you’re considering investing in a branch desk, here are some essential features, considerations, and advice to help you make the best decision for your business.

Important Features to Consider

When shopping for a branch desk, there are several critical features to consider that can impact your team’s productivity and overall satisfaction. These include:

  1. Size and layout, 2) Accessibility and location, 3) Essential office equipment and amenities, and 4) Design and ergonomics. Let’s delve deeper into each of these features to better understand their significance and ensure you find the perfect branch desk for your business.

Size and Layout

The size and layout of a branch desk should be carefully considered to accommodate the needs of your employees without compromising space efficiency. Look for desks with adjustable or modular components that can be easily reconfigured to suit changing requirements. Additionally, consider the desk’s dimensions to ensure ample room for necessary equipment, storage options, and adequate workspace for your team members.

Accessibility and Location

A well-chosen branch desk location can have a significant impact on employee productivity and overall job satisfaction. Choose a location that is easily accessible by public transportation or has ample parking space. Furthermore, consider the vicinity’s safety and security aspects to protect both employees and important office equipment.

Essential Office Equipment and Amenities

Branch desks require essential office equipment and amenities to facilitate seamless work operations. Adequate power and data connections, ergonomic chairs, and dependable internet access are some key features to look for when evaluating potential branch desk options. Additionally, you may want to explore ergonomic accessories, such as adjustable monitor stands, footrests, and keyboard trays, to improve employee comfort and reduce stress-related injuries.


What are branch desks?

Branch desks are a type of table that often have multiple levels, perfect for creating a workspace that includes a desk for studying, working or lounging. Often, it comes with a built-in bookshelf, storage spaces, and sometimes even a bed or a couch for an all-encompassing living environment. These innovative desk models are designed to fit into small spaces while still being functional and stylish.

Branch desks are commonly used in studios, offices, dorm rooms or any confined space. The combination of comfort and utility, branch desks can be a great investment for students, young professionals, and anyone who wants to make the most of their living or work environment with minimal fuss or setup.

What are the features of typical branch desks?

A typical branch desk usually comes with a modular structure, making it highly versatile. They include several compartments or separate layers. These layers can house books, laptops, files, or can be used as shelves for storage or even as a place to relax after some hard work. An adjustable desk feature is quite common in these models. This desk style can usually be configured to suit specific situations, making it highly adaptable.

Moreover, these branch desks usually come with ergonomic structures, ensuring that they’re user-friendly and comfortable to use. Some models feature anti-glare surfaces and LED lights for better visibility in low light conditions, making it ideal for prolonged use. Additional extras like built-in cup holders or a phone charger are not unusual. Depending on specific models, they may also come with adjustable height or the option to add an additional desk surface.

Are all branch desks the same or are there different designs?

Branch desks aren’t one-size-fits-all. They come in a variety of designs and sizes, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Some models focus more on storage while others cater to comfort. Some branch desks are designed for workspaces while others are more suitable for living spaces. The best branch desk can vary widely based on personal preference and personal needs.

Furthermore, materials differ with each product. Some are made of aluminum alloy, wood, and even stainless steel, adding to the diversity of branch desks available in the market. The choice of material not only affects the aesthetic appeal but also plays a role in durability. So, it’s always recommended to check the material of the desk before making a purchase.

How can I select the right branch desk for my needs?

To select the right branch desk, consider your individual needs and preferences. What are you mostly planning to use the desk for? If you’re looking for a study or working environment, a desk with plenty of storage compartments may be ideal. On the other hand, if this is to be a part of your leisure space, a desk that has a bed or couch built in might serve you better.

Prioritize the features that match your lifestyle. You may prefer a desk with a larger working surface or one with more compact dimensions. Also, be mindful of your available space. A desk that fits well in your room or workplace will be much more usable than a larger one that doesn’t have sufficient room to maneuver. Lastly, compare prices and reviews to ensure you are choosing a reliable and cost-effective option. Each branch desk serves a certain purpose, so careful research is essential before making a purchase.

How are branch desks usually assembled? Are they easy to assemble?

Branch desks usually come with detailed user manuals that guide the assembly process. The process is quite straightforward, with many desks requiring only basic tools like a Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench. This means that even if you’re not particularly experienced with assembling furniture, you should be able to complete the task without much difficulty.

However, if you’re concerned about being able to assemble the branch desk yourself, you may want to consider hiring professional assembly services. Many furniture stores offer this service at an additional cost. Alternatively, you could also consider assembling the desk over a period of time, breaking it down into smaller manageable tasks.

Are branch desks expensive?

The price of a branch desk can vary greatly depending on the design, size, and materials used. However, in comparison to other types of desks, branch desks can be considered moderately priced. They are within the budget of most consumers and are usually priced affordably. This makes them a good investment for anyone looking to maximize their workspace or leisure space without spending a lot of money.

When considering the cost, also take into account the long-term benefits. The multi-function aspect of a branch desk ensures that it will serve its purpose efficiently. And considering you’re getting a space-saving, ergonomically designed desk and sometimes even a bed or a couch, the investment can be seen as well-worth it.

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